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Voujon Take-Away Menu

Telephone orders are most welcome, please allow at least 45 minutes for most deliveries, possibly longer depending on volumes. Prices are most up-to-date on paper menu. 


Popadoms & Chutneys

Poppadoms (Each)                     45p    

Spiced Poppadoms (Each)           50p

Mango Chutney                         45p    

Onion Relish                             45p

Mint Sauce                                45p    

Lime Pickle                               50p

Voujon Red Sauce                      45p


Traditional Starters


Tandoori Mixed (for 2)                                £6.50 (Chi Tikka, Lb Tikka, Sk Kebab & T. Chicken)

Tandoori Chicken (On the bone)                   £2.85 (1/2 Chicken marinated in Tandoori spices & cooked in clay oven)

Chicken Tikka                                              £2.75 (Tender pieces of fresh Chicken marinated in8Tandoori spices & cooked in clay oven)

Lamb Chops                                               £3.85 (Pieces of fresh Lamb Chops marinated in Tandoori spices & cooked in clay oven)

Lamb Tikka                                                 £2.85 (Tender pieces of fresh Lamb marinated in Tandoori spices & cooked in clay oven)

Onion Bhajee                                               £2.10 (Fresh Onion and other herbs in a crunchy, and lightly flavoured ball shaped roasti)

Chicken Pakora                                            £2.60 (Tender strips of Chi Tikka pieces in a light Indian batter)

Meat Samosa                                               £2.20 (Spicey minced lamb in Indian Pastry)

Chicken Chat Puri                                         £2.40 (Tangy spicey Chicken dish served with a Puri bread)

Prawn Puri                                                    £2.40 (Spicey shrimp dish served with a Puri bread)

Paneer Tikka                                                £2.60 (Pieces of Indian Cottage cheese marinated in Tandoori spices & cooked in clay oven)

Vegetable Banquet (for 2)                            £6.00 (O. Bhajee, Veg Samosa, Gar Mush Puri)

Vegetable Samosa                                       £2.20 (Spicey vegetables in Indian Pastry)

Mushroom Chat Puri                                    £2.60 (Tangy spicey mushrooms served with a Puri bread)

Vegetable Chat Puri                                     £2.60 (Spicey vegetables served with a Puri bread)

King Prawn Puri                                           £4.50 (Spicey shrimp dish served with a Puri bread)

Tandoori King Pawn                                     £5.00 (Jumbo King Prawns marinated in Tandoori spices & cooked in clay oven)

Prawn Cocktail                                             £2.60

King Prawn Butterfly                                      £4.00

Garlic Mushroom Puri                                    £2.40 (Chopped Button Mushrooms in Garlic sauces served with a Puri bread)

Mixed Kebab                                                £3.60 (Chi Tikka, Lb Tikka & Sheek Kebab)

Reshmi Kebab                                              £2.60 (Spicey minced lamb in a burger shaped kebab served within an egg coating)

Shami Kebab                                                £2.60 (Spicey minced lamb in a burger shaped kebab)

Most Starters Served with Side Salad, except Starters containing Puri bread


Unique Signature Starters

Spicy Fish Tikka                                          £3.30 (Delicately spiced fish served with spiced onion)    

Spicy Kofta Kebab                                       £3.30 (Home made spicy meaball kebabs served with Masalla spicey onions)

Garlic Cumin Chicken Tikka                          £3.50 (Tender strips of Chi Tikka combined with fresh garlic and cumin to create this great starter)

Corriander Crusted Lamb Chops                £3.50 (Traditional Lb Chops but infused with corriander seeds and corriander leaves)                                              

Lamb Sag Puri                                             £3.50 (Small pieces of tender spicey lamb cooked with spinach served with a Puri bread)                                                                 

Chicken Sag Puri                                           £3.50 (Small pieces of chicken cooked with spinach served with a Puri bread)

Chapelli Tikka Roll                                       £3.60 (Small pieces of Chi Tikka in a dry dish served within a paratha)

Salmon Paturi                                                £3.85 (Suculent piece of Salmon spiced in a special sauce and served with lightly flavoured onion)

Sweet Chilli Pakora                                         £3.85

Most Starters Served with Side Salad, except Starters containing Puri

Signature Dishes

Gosthaba                                                    £6.95

Lajawaab                                                     £6.95

Lajawaab & Keema                                     £7.50

Bindi Lamb                                                  £6.50

Nomuna                                                       £6.50 (Chicken or Lamb)

Lamb Roasti                                                 £6.50

Special Thawa £6.95

Achari                                                         £6.50 (Chicken or Lamb)

Shahi Murghi                                              £6.95

Chicken Tikka ChomChom                        £6.50

Roshnai Gosht                                            £6.50

Garlic Chilli Massala                                    £6.50 (Chicken or Lamb)

Bangla Balti                                                 £6.50 (Chicken or Lamb)

Murgh Zal-Fry                                             £6.50

Bahar-E-Azam                                            £6.95

Rice or Nan Breads not included in the prices, please order seperately

Voujon Fish Specialities

Salmon Peri Peri                         £6.95

Tasty Fish                                  £6.95

Sizzling Macheli Tomatoe             £6.95

Korai Macheli Sabzi                     £6.95

Bada Chingri                               £7.50

Chingri Appauna                         £7.95

Chenai Mass Biran                       £6.95

Macheli Bhuna                             £6.95

Mowchak Delight                         £7.95

Macheli Zal-Fry                           £6.95

Kakri Chingri                               £7.95

Macheli Roasti                             £6.95

Macheli Gobi                               £7.95

Chingri Paneer                            £7.95

Boro Esa Gobi                              £7.95

Please Note: Fish may contain bones

Rice or Nan Breads not included in the prices, please order seperately

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori King Prawns                             £7.50

Tandoori Lamb Chops                              £6.50

Tandoori Chicken                                     £6.50

Chicken Tikka                                           £5.95

Lamb Tikka                                               £6.00

Tandoori Mixed Grill                               £6.50

Macheli Tandoori                                     £6.50

Chicken Shashlik                                      £6.00

Lamb Shashlik                                         £6.00

Mixed Shashlik                                        £6.50

All Tandoori Dishes served with Side Salad and Bhuna Sauce, any other Sauce 50p Extra

Rice or Nan Breads not included in the prices, please order seperately

Voujon Vegetarian Dishes

Sabzi Dhall                                                £4.95

Palak Corn Mushroom                                £4.95

Korai Millijolli Sabzi                                     £4.95

Paneer Sabzi Korma                                   £4.95

Palak Paneer                                              £4.95

Sizzling Sabzi Paneer                                  £4.95

Aloo Bhangun                                             £4.95

Rice or Nan Breads not included in the prices, please order seperately

Biriyani Dishes

King Prawns                              £6.95

Voujon Mix                                 £6.95

Lamb Tikka                               £6.10

Chicken Tikka                             £6.10

Tandoori Chicken                      £6.10

Chicken                                       £5.50

Lamb                                          £5.60

Prawn                                         £5.30

Vegetable                                    £4.50

Chicken & Mushroom               £5.50

Tandoori Chicken & Keema      £6.50

Prawn & Mushroom                   £5.50

All Biriyani dishes served with an Omellette and Vegetable Curry Sauce, any other sauce 50p extra

Chef's Recommedations


Balti Masala





Garlic Mehti


Any of the above dishes with the following below..

King Prawn                           £6.50

Voujon Mix                           £6.50

Lamb Tikka                           £5.95

Chicken Tikka                        £5.95

Tandoori Chicken                  £5.95

Chicken                                  £4.70

Lamb                                       £4.80

Prawn                                       £4.80

Vegetable                                £4.00

Prawn & Mushroom                £5.95

Chicken & Mushroom             £5.95

Rice or Nan Breads not included in the prices, please order seperately

Original Popular Dishes







Malaya (Ask for Availiability)

Plain Curry


Rogan Josh

Any of the above dishes with the following below..

King Prawn                 £6.50

Voujon Mix                 £6.50

Lamb Tikka                  £5.50

Chicken Tikka              £5.50

Tandoori Chicken        £5.50

Chicken                         £4.70

Lamb                              £4.80

Prawn                            £4.80

Vegetable                       £4.00

Prawn & Mushroom       £5.50

Chicken & Mushroom     £5.50

Rice or Nan Breads not included in the prices, please order seperately

Side Dishes

Sag Aloo                                            £2.50

Tarka Dhall                                         £2.50

Dhall Massala                                     £2.75

Bombay Potatoe                                  £2.50

Brinjal Bhajee                                     £2.50

Stir Fried Sag                                     £2.50

Gobi Bhajee                                        £2.50

Aloo Gobi                                           £2.50

Chana bhajee                                    £2.50

Aloo chana                                         £2.50

Bindi Bhajee                                       £2.50

Mixed Vegetable Bhajee                   £2.50

Fried Mushrooms                              £2.50

Spicy Mushroom Bhajee                    £2.50

Any Curry Sauce                     £2.50

English Style Dishes

Fried Chicken Nuggets & Chips                                      £5.50

Fried Scampi & Chips                                                        £5.50 

Plain Omellette & Chips                                                    £4.50

Prawn Omellette & Chips                                                  £5.50

Chicken Omellette & Chips                                              £5.50

Spicy Chicken Tikka Omellette & Chips                           £5.50

Sirloin Steak & Chips                                                         £7.95

T-Bone Steak & Chips                                                       £9.95

Grilled Chicken & Stir Fried Vegetables & Chips            £6.50

Fish Fingers & Chips                                                         £5.50

All Dishes Served with Side Salad


Plain Nan                                                       £1.90

Garlic Nan                                                       £2.20

Garlic & Corriander Nan                               £2.20

Peshwari Nan                                                  £2.20

Keema Nan                                                      £2.20

Special Nan                                                      £2.50

Puri Bread                                                        £1.00

Chappatti                                                          £1.00

Tandoori Roti                                                  £1.20

Paratha                                                             £2.00

Mini Peshwari Paratha                                      £2.00

Stuffed Vegetable Paratha                               £2.50

Sundries & Extras

Chips                                                                       £1.70

Cucumber Raita                                                        £1.50

Onion Raita                                                               £1.50

Mixed Raita                                                               £1.50

Chillie Chips (Ask for Availiability) *New                 £3.00


Plain Boiled Rice                                                       £1.90

Pilau Rice                               £2.00

Egg Fried Rice                                                           £2.20

Mushroom Fried Rice                                               £2.20

Keema Fried Rice                                                      £2.20

Coconut Fried Rice                                                   £2.20

Onion Fried Rice                                                       £2.20

Onion & Chillie Fried Rice                                        £2.20

Vegetable Fried Rice                                                 £2.20

Garlic Fried Rice                                                        £2.20

Chana & Keema Fried Rice                                       £2.20

Tamarind & Vegetable Fried Rice                            £2.20

Peas Fried Rice                                                          £2.20

Special Fried Rice                                                       £2.50